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July 8, 2020

What Are The Activities Of Front Office Security?

Every business that has multi-department operations has a front office to maintain proper communication and safety. A front office is known as the face and the voice of a company, and this applies to a business from any sector. Along with communication, companies need to focus on Front Office Security to elevate safety standards.

Organizations can prevent security incidents, which often cause damage to the property. Every business needs to be prepared to handle safety and security concerns and needs to have front office security in place. Also, the importance of having a front desk in hotels or multi-national companies cannot be ruled out.

A few activities of front office security help establish security and safety in your premises. Let us learn about them in detail.

The security layout

Front office security services can be hired by companies or hotels to include safety measures in their general layout. The front desk security needs to have an understanding of the security protocols used, and the physical barriers. In a hotel, the lobby needs to be separate and needs to have a barrier from the general public/visitors.

Security services companies like Jawan Guarding Services, help separate the lobby from the visitors, ensuring safety.

The entry and exit

Security measures need to be taken care of near the hotel's entry and exit points. The front office security restricts the access of employee area to the visitors, and into the lobby for the public.

With the use of the latest technology and biometric systems, the staff is provided access to restricted areas with the use of key cards or key codes. In such cases, the security personnel at the front desk will have access to control and entry and the exits.

In most office spaces or hotels, a buzzer is installed that can be used to lock or unlock a door. This security system also includes a camera and an intercom.

Monitoring and surveillance

Monitoring and surveillance inside and outside a commercial or residential space are of utmost importance. The technology has widely improved, and security personnel with arms are often seen near the entrances.

The cameras too are now better and connected to the web for sharing of information. The front desk security when equipped with the right technology can successfully deter the occurrence of any crime or illegal activity.

Though the cameras are used in every corner of the building, the overall safety depends on the front office guard.

You have experienced shrinkage or theft before A guide to front office security

The front office guards who work with reputed companies like Jawan Guarding Services are well trained and follow certain rules whatever may happen. Some of the guidelines they follow are mentioned below.


One of the foremost preventive steps taken by the front office security is to be aware of his/her surroundings. Safety and responsibility with vigilance are given utmost importance.


Every visitor has to be welcomed with eye contact. By doing so, the security guard lets them know that their entry has been acknowledged and is being accounted for. While there are scanning and cameras in place, personal greeting with eye contact is important.

Lobby/Front desk area

The security personnel never leaves the lobby or the front office unattended. This is important to ensure the safety of the department or the whole building at times. In cases of emergency, a backup process or a person is established in no time.

Removing of opportunities

Well-trained and experienced front office guard knows how they can remove opportunities for theft or crime. With continuous vigilance, they ensure that valuables like mobile phones, laptops, or bags are not left unattended. If a person does not want to carry his/her bag inside, they can be secured at the front office security.

Prevent false impressions

The front office security needs to identify people who try to make an entry with a false impression. People who wish to commit a crime might enter as a delivery guy or a handyman, and have uniforms and fake identity cards.

With training and experience comes expertise, the same applies to the front office security at Jawan Security services.

The front office security guards are also trained to handle emergencies. In case of a lock-down policy or sudden crisis, the safety manager implements the process.

After an incident or a crime occurs, the security personnel are able to provide first aid immediately. It is important to make sure a first aid kit is always available on the premises.

The premises gets closed for visitors or guests

Front office security is also aware as to how they can safeguard the evidence. They do not try to clean up the area, as it can make important clues disappear. Damaged furniture or property can provide clues during the investigation. They make sure the premises are sealed, and no one is allowed to touch the property or the evidence.

They do not discuss the incident with others and preserve their recollection. By discussing the crime with unknown people and at times, lead to the spread of fake news and panic.

Well-trained security guards will also be able to record or document the incident without being influenced. This way, they help with a smooth investigation of the incident.

They are well trained about the policies they need to follow with respect to media management. They are aware of what information needs to be shared and with whom.

Now that you are aware of how useful front office security can be at your commercial or residential space, it is time you go ahead and hire one. Remember that security services provided at a residential space can differ from that service provided at a commercial space like a mall or a hotel. Make sure you inquire all about the security services provided by companies like Jawan Security and choose the right services based on your space.

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