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July 17, 2019

Security Guard Roles and Responsibilities

Security and safety are the assurance to live a peaceful life. One cannot predict the future, thus taking precautions is the wise decision. Security Guard is the reason we can sleep soundly and have a fearless time. In today's world of crime and misogyny, people need to be alert all the times. Protecting themselves and their family members would be the prime focus of every person. But the time does not permit to have you by the side of loved ones every time. One cannot be sure of what the future holds or how long can they control the situation around them. To ensure the safety of your family members or your employees, you need to have a security guard.

Everyday life has many tasks. Some of us might be staying at home, going to the office, some of us might be traveling to another state or country, and others might be busy attending concerts. Everyone is busy doing some or other thing, not sure of what type of circumstances could unfold around us. To have a vision of safety, you must ensure the security of you and the premises. Even your business or organization needs to be secured to deter criminal activities.

Most of the people assume their assets are secure with the modern aged devices. They might be undoubtedly mistaken, as their assets cannot be safe with just the tools around them. Complete protection requires an impeccable security measure which includes security guard. The manual guarding process might be old, but it can interrupt the criminals and safeguard the assets or the people from any mishappenings.

Modern age security measures are,

CCTV cameras

Anti-theft alarms

Smoke detectors

Security devices

The modern aged security devices might be suitable for providing safety to you, but, they may not protect you completely. To enhance your security measures, appoint Jawan guarding services. We provide highly skilled personnel who act according to the rules and regulation at the same time adapting to the current situations to have secured space.

The agility of a security guard is the mark of complete protection. Despite being at home, working, or traveling, you can have security by appointing security guards. One guard cannot always ensure complete safety, and there are specific roles of security personnel, which depicts their duties to define absolute security. Every security personnel has a particular list of responsibilities as of their position.

Types of security guards and their duties:

Watch and ward security: Watch and ward security is the initial security of the block. They watch the premises 24/7 and protects the people and the assets. Watch and ward security guard plays a prominent role in the safety of the premises. Watching the premises in the CCTV's and correspondingly informing about the safety concerns is their prime duty.

Main Gate Security: Iron or glass door needs protection from the criminals. Main gate security is the frontier of the organization. They act as the manual barrier and prevents troubles. A safe entrance elucidates the protection within the premises. As an entry point, the main gate needs double the protection. Inspecting incoming and outgoing movements at the main gate, analyzing the things carried with the visitors, verifying ID cards and appointment letters at the entrance. These are the duties of the Watch and Ward security Guard.

Lift Operating Security Lift is an effortless path to travel in your home or office. Carrying large luggage or heavy items can be comfortable while moving through the lift. Sky high buildings make it hard to climb down the stairs, and also to avoid falling from the staircase lift is necessary. The functionality and the maintenance of the lift improve by appointing Lift Operating guard. Operating the lift, maintaing the lift, resolving emergency issues, provide safety to the commuters are the duties of the lift operating guard.

Front Office Security: Be it a home or an organization, the front office area is the place where visitors or the working people enters through it. Front office security is responsible for safeguarding the front office. Digital safety of the front office cannot prevent the criminals. Protect your assets from vandalism by placing front office guard. Screening of the visitors, greeting the visitors, providing information for the authorized people, monitor incoming and outgoing personnel, and handles emergencies at the front office.

Transport Escort Security: Travelling to a destination is fun. But have you ever thought what if a perpetrator spots you alone in your vehicle and attacks you for the money or the vehicle? It often happens that traveling is also a risk if not planned well. Traveling for 1 hour or 11 hours does not matter in the account of security. Even the distance you travel from your office, and the home needs to be secured. Secure the transportation of your family, friend, or employee by appointing transport escort security. Duties of transport escort security are Inspects and secure the packages, de-escalates the confrontations, handles mob situations, and tackles emergency transport issues.

Parking Control Security: Minor things can lead to disasters. Parking lots may not seem to have any serious security concerns. But, they do possess the harm mostly. Parking lots are present at residence, companies, and complexes. Each has their own parking rules. Systematic measures of parking of the vehicles will enable the safety of the premises. Controlling the movement of the vehicles, such as incoming through one entry and exit of the vehicles through another way is necessary for security.

Access Control Security: One of the essential security roles is access control security. The threat of security may not always be from the outside, as it can be from the inside too. To safeguard your secret data in an organization or to protect essential assets in any place, you need access control security. Access points ensure the safety of the highly confidential assets or documents by giving access only to the authorized people. Multiple access points with patterned security levels can intensify protection. Ensuring of manual security with devices can enlarge the safety.

Patrolling Security: As every security personnel has their set of duties, it is necessary to have the security who entirely focuses on the safety of an area manually. Patrolling Security checks the entire premises in regular or irregular intervals. Patrolling can deter unlawful activities and ensure extended safety.

Boarding Department Security: At an event or transportation, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the people by preventing unauthorized things. Due to the presence of a large number of people, it might be easy for perpetrators to commit any crime. It is essential to check for the illegal things which can injure the people, as to resolve the security concern and be safe.

Jawan Security services have been in the realm of security services since 2011 and have been providing skilled and daring security personnel to many firms. Choosing qualified personnel to their specific roles will increase productivity. Our security guards are loyal and well-trained in particular roles with the capability to adapt to the present situation and can deter dangerous conditions.

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